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This rsync command will create a full backup of a folder, deleting extraneous files at the destination, preserving all file permissions / ownerships and displaying progress. Useful for creating / syncing a regular backup to an external drive or network share without re-transferring unmodified files.

rsync -aP --del /path/to/src /path/to/dest

Note that omitting a trailing slash on the src path will cause rsync to create the src directory at the dest location.

I’ve released the core PHP classes that drive the website on GitHub:

I’ve been toying with the idea of open sourcing the whole site for some time, however there’s obvious security implications which would need to be addressed and managed. In the meantime, feel free to scrutinise the algorithms that attempt to identify overcharging from our friends at myki.

Having moved to Sydney last year and also becoming a Dad, I’m not actively maintaining the site – with the exception of responding to support requests and updating the current transport fares.

Enjoy 😀